At Advantage Training, we seek to establish a deeper association and understanding of your organisation, its goals and strategy in order to ensure that you, as a sponsor, obtain maximum return on investment.
We achieve this through contacting you at the research phase of our conferences, in order for your organisation to receive the highest exposure possible from pre-event to the actual conference day.

Some of the advantages of sponsoring one of our events include:
• Enhance your reputation and broaden market share by promoting your organisation as an innovative industry leader.
• Obtain optimal market exposure. We accomplish this by only distributing your promotional material to a targeted and qualified audience within your target market and related industries.
• Receive ongoing exposure by including your organisation's logo and corporate profile in the delegate documentation.
• Present to a high-level captive audience that has decision making power.
• Strengthen the market’s perception of your solutions, products or services.
• Extend your international footprint into other African countries.
  For More Information please contact: Graeme Franck Tel: (+27 11) 011 609-9111 / sales@advantagetraining.co.za  
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