PA 4 – Essential Skills for Personal Assistants
July 2008

"Very educational. What was learned in the past years should be replaced with this training."
Sonya Christine Matthews – Toyota SA Motors (Pty) Ltd

"This was exactly what I needed, it was the best!"
Yvonne Mokhomola – Mapulaneng Hospital

"Well organised, well presented and enjoyable!"
Stefnie Prinsloo – Eskom, Komati Power Station

"It was well done; other companies cannot be compared!"
Marlize Boolsen – CED – Komati Power Station

"Very good Facilitator!"
Lilian Joy Babihuga – Bank of Uganda

"Such a powerful speaker – unbelievable!"
Florence Nyarai Kanyangarara

New Directions on the War against HIV/AIDS
May 2008 – Advantage Training’s 9th HIV/AIDS Conference

"The conference was excellent, I hope that Advantage Training will have another one again so that more people from our organization can attend and obtain what I have learnt at this conference. The speakers that presented were all superb, well done."
Mokgethi Jacob Motshwene, Exxaro Arnot Coal

"Your approach to HIV/AIDS issues is dynamic, practical and strategies and methodologies used will definitely assist in mitigating and prevention of HIV/AIDS, including STI’s and the narrowing of gender gaps."
Frank Kakoma Kanyambi, Faweza, Zambia

"Conference was informative, I certainly gained more knowledge and insight. Topics that are taken for granted were explained in depth. Well done."
Jeannette Sebopedi, Royal Bafokeng Administration, RSA

"The organisers have selected first class presenters! Please keep it up. All of them had hands on experience and theoretical knowledge of HIV/AIDS. Made it simple and easy to use this information at our clinical areas and in our society."

"Powerful and relevant topics that talk to real problems on the ground."
LT Masango, Dept of Education, Eastern Cape RSA

"Educative, clear African perspective, respect for diversity"
Cassette Wamundu, Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces

Practical HIV/AIDS Policy Implementation:

“Organisation style, increased participation of audience.”
Dorothy Namate, - Project HOPE Malawi

“Very well managed by presenters and facilitators.”
Gladys Mwale – Malawi Bureau of Standards

“Excellent diversity of participants.”
Antonio Passmore – Department of Corrections South Africa

Personal Assistants and Senior Secretaries in Africa

“Great Day! Very important issues, even in everyday life.”
Sandra E Phiri – BP Malawi LTD

“Presentations are alive, keeping us glued to our seats.”
Yvonne van Schalkwyk – Alberante Autospray South Africa

“Excellent networking opportunity.”
W Mather – North West Parks & tourism Board South Africa

A Hands-on Combat of Fraud, Corruption and Bribery:

“ The tips on fraud alerts, particularly on procuremsent fraud - was excellent.
This was very well organised with very experienced resource persons.”
M. G. A Ibrahim – CARE, Tanzania

“ Excellent and brilliant stuff! Well presented. Very pertinent and relevant to global picture. Customer care was excellent!”
S Kunene, KZN Wildlife, South Africa

“ The presenters are excellent and world-class. The support staff, superb!”
C Zulu, Central Region Water Board, Malawi

“ Exceptionally high standard.”
H Venter, Gauteng Tourism, South Africa

“ The presenters were passionately committed to rendering relevant, practical presentations.”
C Desmond, Task Force on Corruption, Zambia 
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